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The NZVAPOR branded range is a premium blended e-liquid range which offers the full, complex flavours of real cigarettes, fruits and sweets, or other flavours you might have chosen, and our VAPEJUICE range caters to the high VG, experienced vaper who likes to blow big, flavoursome clouds.


0mg – Nicotine free:Less throat hit than a nicotine based e-liquid
6mg – Extra light: Good for light smokers. Light on the throat, full in flavour. Suits a 5-10 a day smoker.
12mg – Light: The most popular starter option. Smooth throat hit. Suits a 10-20 a day smoker.
18mg – Regular: Considered regular strength. Full throat hit. Suits a 15+ a day smoker.
24mg – Heavy: For the tough vaper only! Heavy throat hit. Like a cigar.

Flavor List:

Butterscotch E-Liquid :
60ml – VG40/60PG – Butterscotch e-liquid embraces the delicious infusion of sugar, butter, brown sugar and vanilla.
Based on the old recipe your nana used, this flavour reminds us all of the good old days.

Tutti Frutti E-Liquid:
60ml – VG40/60PG – Tutti Frutti e-liquid will surprise even the most practiced of NZ vapers.
With its comprised mix of sweets, zests and tangs from local and tropical fruit flavours, your vaping experience will be sweet, tasty and fragrant. Remember throwing the tutti frutti lollies at the cinema screen as a teen? Well there is no one here who did that but that’s what this e-juice tastes like!

Pineapple Punch E-Liquid:
60ml – VG40/60PG – Pineapple Punch e-liquid has a precise and refreshing vapour.
Enjoy the taste of the islands with this light, smooth and refreshing e-liquid. The delicious balance of flavours make it the perfect “all day vap” for any pineapple lover.

NV NRG Drink E-Liquid:
60ml – VG40/60PG – NV NRG e-liquid is specially formulated to vape like the most famous energy drink on earth.
A remarkable likeness to Red Bull. You will be impressed with how close we could get to the real thing

Kiwi Az! E-Liquid:
60ml – VG40/60PG – Kiwi AZ! e-liquid tastes exactly as it should; like fresh, ripe New Zealand Kiwifruit.
The sweet, zesty flavour is tasted all the way through each vape. An excellent and enjoyable experience.

Coconut Rum E-Liquid:
60ml – VG40/60PG – Rum and Coconut e-liquid has a smooth and fresh vapour.
A balanced and complex long finish rum with notes of vanilla, dark chocolate and caramel. The coconut after taste is full and refreshing, delivering the sweet taste of the islands with each vape.

Blackberry Moonshine E-Liquid
60ml – VG40/60PG – Blackberry Moonshine e-liquid has sweet and smooth vapour.
Comprising of the perfect mix of flavours for those who are favourable to a smooth Moonshine. The initial taste of Moonshine is followed by the sweet and tangy taste of blackberries.

Perfectly Mint (Menthol) E-Liquid
60ml – VG40/60PG – Perfectly Mint e-liquid has a clean menthol tobacco vape.
Pleasantly warm, aromatic and sweet followed by a refreshing and cool hit at the end of each vape. The perfect e-liquid for NZ menthol lovers.

Hikareti E-Liquid:
60ml – VG40/60PG – Hikareti e-liquid is a premium tropical tobacco blended vape which offers the full, complex flavours of a real cigarette.

The natural woody undertone is complimented well by a subtle coconut sweetness and smooth but strong throat hit that experienced smokers are looking for. TINO PAI!
Fresh Strawberry E-Liquid:
60ml – VG40/60PG – Fresh Strawberry e-liquid provides a truly sweet, fresh strawberry vape while both inhaling and especially on exhale.

Enjoy the smooth and sweet flavours of summer all year round. This e-liquid is the perfect mix of refreshing sweetness found only in a fresh batch of local strawberries.

Granny Smith Apple E-Liquid
60ml – VG40/60PG – Granny Smith Apple e-liquid produces a clean and crisp vapor, just like a real apple.
The tangy apple vapour wakens the senses and is followed by a light and refreshingly sweet after tone that lasts nicely on the palate.

Mango Mango E-Liquid
60ml – VG40/60PG – Mango Mango e-liquid has a full, sweet, fresh mango vapour.

Exactly as you would imagine it. Each vape satisfies with an initial sweet tartiness and an enduring fruity and light but full vapour.

Fizzberry E-Liquid
60ml – VG40/60PG – An e-liquid flavour sensation not to be missed!
Fizzberry e-juice gives the vaper a fresh, sweet and tangy raspberry flavour. Then when you least expect it you’re left with a surprisingly late taste of fizzy sherbet. Business at the front, party at the back!
Arctic Ice E-Liquid
60ml – VG40/60PG – Arctic Ice e-liquid gives an intense fresh hit with each vape.
For those seeking a more concentrated menthol effect! This premium e-liquid blend offers an icy cold, pure menthol blast with just the smallest hint of sweetness. Arctic Ice can be vaped on its own or mixed with all other flavours in our range to give them a cooling menthol hit.

Royale Vape E-Liquid
60ml – VG40/60PG – Royale Vape e-liquid boasts the perfect mix of dark and bright tobaccos aged with Rum and Red Wine.
Formulated to give you that distinct flavour of Port Royal tobacco. This e-juice will offer you the familiar, smooth and mellow vaping experience you enjoyed as a smoker

Premium Red E-Liquid
60ml – VG40/60PG – Dunhill cigarettes are famous for their caramel undertone and a signature sweet taste.

Our special blend of flavours offer the rich tobacco taste of the real, high-quality cigarettes and will exceed the expectations of any smoking connoisseur. Premium Red e-liquid won’t leave you with an unpleasant chemical aftertaste, unlike some other brands.

100% organic, palm free VG
99.9% pharmaceutical grade PG (best possible)
100% pure American nicotine
100% dactyl free flavours
Nicotine salted by us (100% control)

Vaping is around 80% to 90% cheaper than smoking
Up to 30 packs of cigarettes worth of puffs in each bottle
Each bottle lasts a pack a day smoker up to a month

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