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Magical Flavour Dessert & Candy for eJuice DIY, customers can mix it with all vaping ejuice including pre-made ejuice, unflavored ejuice or other DIY ejuice.

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Banana Cream Flavor:
Lush, sweet, and smooth. Creamy Banana is an excellent fruit flavor to add to your next DIY E-Liquid recipe.
We suggest using it as a fruity cream base, as this will allow for its richness to guide the direction of your recipe. You can also use Creamy Banana on its own for a luscious banana taste.
High-quality concentrated flavor for mixing with PG and/or VG before vaping.

Cheesecake Graham Crust Flavor:
Is there anything better than cake? When it comes to flavoring, we certainly rank this extract at the top of our list. It’s more versatile than you may think ??suitable for a wide-array of water soluble applications ??and was formulated to hit all the right, decadent notes of vanilla bean whipped with butter.

Caramel 6001 Flavor:
Caramel flavor is that old fashioned chewy caramel toffee taste you know you love. We’ve combined all the goodness of a creamy, sweet caramel candy .

Cream Pudding Flavor:
Smooth and Cream Pudding flavor sweet but not greasy.The concentrate goes a long way but keep in mind that the flavor is dependent on your taste and liking.

Watermelon Candy Flavor:
Candy watermelon is a certain type of hard candy which tastes exactly like watermelon. Some versions lean towards the tart, almost like a sour candy, while some are very sweet, even dipped in powdered sugar for more kick.

Milkshake Flavor:
Milkshake e-liquids are sweet, rich, and perfectly blend milk and ice cream flavours together for a more decadent vape. Just like in the shops, you’ll find staple flavours such as strawberry and vanilla combined with this creamy favourite, plus notes like banana for a richer vape.
Caramel Popcorn 1002 Flavor:
Sweet, light and beautifully buttery, we’ve taken the distinctive flavour of popcorn and layered it with a sticky caramel topping for a deliciously indulgent and insanely moreish all-day vape.
Vanilla custard 4001 Flavor:
Vanilla Pudding flavoring concentrate formulated from the ground up for manufacturing and creating DIY recipes. Analog to vanilla custard with slight variation in the tone and finish. Uses vanilla to mellow other flavors.
Vanilla Ice Cream 2001 Flavor:
Vanilla is taken to the next level inside this ice cream Vanilla flavoring. It contains the ultimate mixture of different vanilla types, and much more. The savory sweetness of this ice cream Vanilla flavoring is a necessity for anyone with a sweet tooth. With the ability to mix well with most other flavorings, Creamy Vanilla should find its way inside your next DIY flavor recipe. High-quality concentrated flavor for mixing with PG and/or VG before vaping.
Peanut Vanilla Cake 9001 Flavor:
Two flavors mixed together and you’ll love it!Smooth or crunchy It doesn’t matter with Peanut Butter flavor.It’s a well rounded nutty flavor that’s great to add to you DIY E-Liquid recipe. Try mixing with some creamy vanilla, strawberry or even grape for some sweet creations.
Chocolate 8001 Flavor:
Chocolate e-liquids have rich flavour notes and are an indulgent choice for all kinds of vapers. With white, milk and dark chocolate varieties, it’s commonly used in combination with cream flavours to give the effect of a chocolate milkshake. Matching well with flavours like vanilla it’s an ideal choice for dessert vapers, while it also makes a balanced pairing with tobacco.
1. No nicotine contained
2. Suggested DIY Ratio: 10%-15%
3. The flavoring essence is of food-grade quality, but it is not intended for direct eating or drinking. It is primarily developed for Vapor DIY ejuice, but can adding flavoring essence to beverages, it is recommended to add it in a concentration of 0.05%.
4. The freshener may have slight medical flavor when it is opened, it is normal.
5. When this flavor gets really cold, small crystals can form. This is harmless, and they will go away if you warm the flavor gently. May also show a variation in color from clear to light tan.

More about our DIY Concentrates
Magical Flavour DIY Flavor Concentrates provide an effortless way to mix premium quality vape juice in a variety of flavors from the comfort of your home. The best parT No recipe needed! It’s the same great, handcrafted flavor our E-Liquid range has to offer but at low pricing that suits any vaping budget. All of our DIY concentrates are made from locally sourced, USP food-grade flavoring.

Brand: Magical Flavour
Unit: 1pc
Size: 30g/1000g
Package: PET bottle

Benefits of DIY:
1. A cheaper alternative to vape juice, without sacrificing the premium quality you’ve come to expect from our E-Liquids.
2. Control your flavor strength by simply adjusting the amount of flavoring you use.
3. 5ml of DIY flavor concentrate mixes approximately 50ml E-Liquid, so you can make a little go a long way.
4. Hundreds of options to mix & vape flavors for you to enjoy.
5. Create your own flavor combinations and recipes.
6. No added sweeteners. See our DIY Sweetener.

DIY e-liquid can be a very cost-effective and rewarding experience. You have the ability to create your own personal flavor and adjust it as you please. And our range of handcrafted DIY flavor concentrates makes it easier than ever.

The DIY basics:

PG/VG base
Flavor Concentrate
Paper Towel to clean any spills

Instructions on how to mix your DIY vape juice:

Step1:Gather up your supplies.
Step2: For a rough estimate of flavoring you can squeeze approximately 10% of the DIY flavor concentrate into your travel bottle by using this quick mixing trick:
1. A 30ml bottle will need 60 drops of flavor.
2. A 60ml will need 120 drops, and so forth.
Step3: Fill the rest of the travel bottle with the PG/VG base.
Step4:Screw on the bottle cap and give it a good shake.
Step5:For the best results allow your E-Juice to steep for a few days/weeks. (Optional)

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