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This hand pipe is made of mostly platinum-cured silicone, which can bend and twist, is super heat resistant, and just straight-up looks cool. Remove the center glass chamber and connect the mouthpiece to the bowl end and you have the sturdiest, most durable travel pipe ever! Toss it right in your backpack and forget about it. You wont open it back up to find broken glass everywhere. For those who prefer the glass touch on their pieces, we still include a classy little center chamber. You can watch your hit milk in the chamber, gauging how big of hit you want to inhale. You can also place a small nug inside here, and the smoke will add a layer of resin, basically turning your nug into a moonrock! The Bowser is the ultimate bowl for getting you lit.

This product is a wonderful gift for any occasion, it can also be used for storing your tobacco products.

A few product highlights:
*Easy to Clean* Assemble, disassemble, wash it with warm soapy water. (refrigerator/ microwave, dishwasher safe).
*Lightweight* Flexible and easy to carry
*100% Heat Resistant* Silicone does not retain heat, so it is easy to hold in your hand or pocket after use.
*Convenient* Includes a cleaning took, small glass bowl, tobacco product compartment.
*High-end Material* Premium food-grade platinum cured silicone with light UV sealed.
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