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In consideration of the different tightness for the tobacco inside a cigarette, GR-12-002 Cigarette Rolling Machine has a function to adjust the tightness as you like, that makes you real best fit cigarette. Plus, you can put your flavor tobacco inside. All of these come to our goal to help making the unique cigarette only belongs to you! Apart from these, here comes the most special part. You can use rolling paper instead of pre-rolled empty cigarette tube, which helps you making cigarette much more easily and saving you money.


How to use:
1. Connect the power adapter.
2. Turn the dial clockwise to lower the cigarette holder.
3. Insert an empty cigarette on the tobacco feeder.
4. Turn the dial counterclockwise to lift up the cigarette holder.
5. Load the tobacco into the tobacco box.
6. Keep turning the dial. Counterclockwise if a tighter pack is desired.
7. Press the switch to activate the device.
8. Enjoy the automatically rolled cigarette.
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