SB-219 Silicone Bong


The silicone Bong is durable and easy to clean; making it perfect for the traveling smoker. Get your hands on the perfect compact silicone pipe!

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We are introducing the adorable and one-of-a-kind Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe Collectible!

Crafted from high-quality food-grade silicone, this pipe is not only durable and heat-resistant but also easy to clean and maintain. The silicone material also ensures a comfortable grip while using, making it a great option for both beginners and experienced smokers.

The design of the pipe features the beloved character Baby Yoda, The pipe also features a deep bowl for a longer smoking experience.

Not only is this collectible pipe functional, but it also makes for a great display piece. Whether youre a Star Wars enthusiast or a collector of unique smoking accessories, the Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe Collectible is sure to impress.

Get this pipe and add a touch of cute and unique style to your smoking experience!

Are silicone bongs safe?
Silicone bongs are perfectly safe to smoke out of and are actually preferred by many due to their durable material. They are damage-resistant and can be easily stored or folded without the risk of breaking, and are dishwasher safe.

How do you clean a silicone bong?
Silicone bongs can be cleaned with an isopropyl alcohol soak or one of our bong cleaning products. Soak for a couple of hours, or overnight, then scrub with a toothbrush or pipe cleaner. Silicone bongs are also dishwasher safe, or could be boiled as well. Much easier to clean than their glass bong counterparts.

Are silicone bongs good?
Yes, silicone bongs are just as good as traditional glass bongs. They are made of quality, BPA free, dishwasher safe silicone, and are highly resistant to heat. They are more durable than glass bongs, and wont break when dropped.
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